Posteado por: BRAND MANAGER | agosto 14, 2009

¡¡¡ WELCOME !!!!


What we seek with the creation of a Blog of these features?

 Our first objective is to serve space to exchange views and ideas on a very innovative and complex as the marketing world and the second objective is to publicize a product Seductive Mineral Water , which today is small, but we are convinced that will be a case study in a little time more.

What  does  we achieving? Doing something other than what is usually done.We invite all those related to marketing to think 30 minutes to the day in a different way to do the others in the profesion….. . . . you get it if nothing is you happens, maybe you should see less the televison. ….!

We want to do “marketing 2.0 “o rather: marketing made by users taking into account that the knowledge is universal and free, and hang our Blog on internet We hope that it is disseminated as more possible fast to this new stage  is “Innovation and creativity” and that is what we do in this Blog, assisted by all those interested in our product because the media are very limited, also we are convinced of they only doing things in a different way we can bring us closer to the success.

How are we? What to highlight this difference? Already what these reading. Opening a blog experts and the not so, view and test their ideas on how to grow a very particular product. Because we fear you do not have the exchange of views, provided that are respectful and help to grow and because we know that there is always still much to learn, to the Open this blog, we give the tip initial foot where our Brand Premium, pondra product manager in practised councils that are contributed.

 and what are we going to do? Tell what us happen, to share and disseminate ideas that Let’s consider valuable (all always debatable) consult on projects to have view from the market and always, we risk because it is the only way to make a difference-we want to hear you, and learn from your experiences to situate ourselves between the interests, needs and aspirations of customers.

 we want interact barrier-free! Now if you want to go to section of “ expresses your IDEAS ” either through the ” latest put ideas in practice in new IDEAS or we leave a comment below that you It seems this blog